PhD Student Fysik & Nano


As a PhD student you get to be an active part of a research environment at the highest level. Your peers will be many and you will have the opportunity to expand your personal network to include internationally acclaimed experts within your field of research.

You will also get to work with the research areas that are of interest to YOU. You will have great influence on which research areas are of relevance to your own research and which areas you wish to pursue further. This atmosphere is very motivating, helping to create momentum and to keep your interest in your research area at its peak.

As a PhD student you have the possibility to be involved in such activities as

  • Conducting research and disseminating research results by writing articles and books
  • Actively participating in one or more research environments
  • Participating in and possibly even arranging conferences, seminar and workshops in Denmark and abroad
  • Teaching and supervising students.

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