About NanoLab

About Nanolab


NanoLab provides support to research at Aalborg University and furthers exchange of knowledge by offering Companies easy access to cleanroom facilities, equipment and expert support.


NanoLab promotes micro- and nanotechnology for research and development. It is NanoLab's vision to establish an infrastructure to further integrate micro- and nanotechnology across research disciplines as well as to serve as the obivous catalyst for R&D in Companies.


NanoLab Cleanroom at the Department of Physics and Nanotechnology originates from the Semiconductor Industry in UK. The 1000 m2 clean zone in a modular cleanroom, complete with double flooring and movable walls, have given us the possibility to configure the optimum settings for research and small scale production.

In 2005 Aalborg University took over the cleanroom facilties and equipment from NanoNord A/S and established the cross-disciplinary Nano-Center NanoLab, partly funded by the organization of the North Denmark Region.

Contact Nanolab

For further information and enquiries regarding collaborations please contact

Managing Consultant
Mette Herold-Jensen
45 9940 9231